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Graffiti Removal Ottawa

Graffiti Removal Ottawa– Van’s Pressure Cleaning has years of experience in graffiti cleaning. We can remove graffiti from brick, concrete, wood, glass, metal, cars and many more surfaces. Van’s Pressure Cleaning is one of the most experienced graffiti removal companies in Ottawa. Our graffiti removal services remove graffiti using environment friendly cleaners, without damaging the tagged surface. Van’s has expertise in power washing. Van’s was the pioneer of commercial pressure washing services in Ottawa. We give quick estimates on graffiti removal costs and our graffiti clean up service is very prompt and safe. Please contact us for Graffiti Removal Ottawa.

Safely and quickly restore your property to its original condition.

Experienced staff. 100% safe methods. Get an estimate to decide better.

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Since 2008, Ottawa has a graffiti management by-law, which requires that property owners remove graffiti from their property within a minimum of 7 days after receiving notice from the City. However we suggest that it is best to deal with Graffiti at the earliest. Quick removal of graffiti will deter further graffiti.

Usually we use a pressure washer to remove graffiti. Due to our long experience in cleaning graffiti, we know the correct pressure to apply, the volume of water to use, the type of nozzle to use, the temperature of water to use and various other parameters to be tough on the graffiti while being gentle on the tagged surface. Removing graffiti from brick sometime requires low pressure around 500psi. Mostly graffiti can be removed between mild pressures of 500 to 1500psi and only in rare cases we have to exceed this pressure momentarily. Brick cleaning should always be done carefully.

How to remove graffiti from brick?- It might sound biased but we suggest that unless you know well about pressure washing, you should take help from an experienced professional. Using wrong pressure settings can cause damage to bricks. Experienced pressure washing companies like us can clean graffiti with none or the least possible damage.

How to remove graffiti from concrete? – In order to remove graffiti from concrete you can use pressure washing at low pressure. Soda or sand may be used sparingly. If the area is small then chemical washes may also be tried. However we still believe that the best way to remove graffiti from concrete, is to use a professional graffiti removal service like us. Removing graffiti from concrete requires application of correct technique. Our trained graffiti removers have been cleaning up graffiti in Ottawa since many years now.

How much does graffiti removal cost? – Graffiti removal cost can vary from task to task. Please contact us to get a no obligations, free, and quick estimate cost to remove graffiti.

Complete Graffiti Service – Apart from graffiti removal from brick, concrete, we can also remove graffiti from metal, glass and wooden surfaces. Removing graffiti from car can also be done safely.

Clean up graffiti now. Removing graffiti is just one call away.

Graffiti removal is easy. Van’s Pressure Cleaning is an experienced graffiti remover. Please call Van’s Pressure Cleaning for Graffiti Removal Ottawa.

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